Why Teen Acne and Adult Acne Cannot Be Treated the Same

Acne is acne, right? Not really. In addition to there being several different types of acne that can be present in either teens or adults, acne is caused by different things at different ages. The type of acne and what caused it are important factors in determining the best treatment. 

Since adults and teens differ greatly, treatments for one may not work for the other. If you suddenly find yourself with acne, you’re not going to be able to just steal your teen’s topical treatment. You need to see our expert dermatologists to help find the right treatment for you. Here are some things to consider.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are the most common cause of acne, which is why it is usually associated with puberty. Unfortunately, all women go through hormonal changes during menopause, and these changes can cause acne breakouts bad enough to rival your teen years. Men can also get acne due to hormonal changes, but andropause is not as common and doesn’t happen to all men.

In addition to spot treating the acne itself, you’ll need to get your hormones under control if you want to clear up your skin for good. For that, you’ll need to talk to your doctor to get confirmation that you are in menopause or andropause, so they can prescribe treatment. As your hormones balance out, the acne should naturally clear up.

Environmental factors

Adults and teenagers spend their time in very different environments. Many people work in industries that require them to wear PPE and take care in their actions, but even the most careful workers can develop acne due to the debris and dryness associated with such work sites. Even if you work in an office setting, your environment is much different than a teen’s, and that means your acne will respond in a different way.

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