What You Want to Know About the New Thermage Treatment

Curious about the new Thermage skin tightening treatment offered at Bay Dermatology? We are happy to offer this service that tightens skin almost anywhere on the face, neck, or body. If you are noticing folds and wrinkles due to loosened skin, Thermage can correct this problem giving you a more youthful appearance.

What exactly is this going to do to my body?

The first question on anyone’s mind upon hearing about a new treatment is what does it do or how it works. Thermage is a completely safe aesthetic treatment that works with radiofrequency technology. There are no real side effects of this treatment for most people. It doesn’t involve any invasive techniques, and there is no recovery of any kind.

Ok, it’s safe, but does it really work?

Yes! Thermage uses that radiofrequency energy to heat up the collagen deep under the skin. This causes it to contract, then expand, which then prompts the body to produce more collagen. Collagen is responsible for keeping skin supple and plump. 

What about the results?

You can get great results from Thermage in just one treatment. Due to the nature of how the treatment works, you aren’t likely to see any difference right when you leave our office. You should notice something within about a week or less. The results can continue to improve for several weeks afterward.

Results will ultimately last about one to two years, depending on your body and lifestyle. If you are ready to jump ahead and schedule your Thermage treatment, contact us today for an appointment at 866-967-3376.

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