These Minor Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for the Face and Neck Could Give You a New Look for 2021

Are you tired of hiding behind a mask? It has been an interesting year, with everyone working on improving their appearance “above the mask” in 2020, and many are optimistic about what 2021 might bring. In looking forward to being able to remove that mask more often, it is now time to consider treatments for the lower face and neck.

Dermal fillers for facial signs of aging

Some of the same dermal fillers that can be used for above the mask can also be used for a perfect look without it. Dermal fillers can restore lost volume in your cheeks, smooth and plump lips, and fill in even deep marionette or laugh lines. 

Kybella for double chins, or submental fat

Where the chin meets the neck is often considered to be part of the neck, but that unclaimed area of skin tends to get fatter with age, weight changes, and other conditions that bring on reduced skin elasticity. This area of submental fat is usually called a double chin, and it can be easily treated nonsurgically with Kybella. The injectable breaks down fat cells so that they can be flushed away safely.

Dermaplaning and facials

Do you want the most radiant skin possible when you reenter the world without a mask in 2021? If so, you can’t get better exfoliation than dermaplaning. This deep exfoliation is performed with an extremely fine scalpel to remove peach fuzz and debris. This procedure has also been shown to reduce the appearance of some mild to moderate wrinkles. Follow up with one of our facials, each with specially formulated serums that will absorb quickly after the dermaplaning.

Not sure what cosmetic procedures you might want to try in 2021? We are here to help. Contact us today for your skin care consultation. We’ll identify your problem areas and come up with a solid plan to address them.

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