Our Acne Treatment and Prevention

Most people think of acne as being a problem for teens; but in reality, anyone of any age can get a bad acne outbreak. There are a lot of different things that might cause you to break out in zits, and often you won’t be able to stop the acne completely unless you can pinpoint and treat the cause. Most often, acne breakouts are related to hormonal changes.

Regardless of what is causing your acne, we have several different treatment options available to help you clear up your skin once and for all. We will do an extensive skin and lifestyle evaluation to determine the exact cause of your acne. Once we know the cause, we can find a solution.

Even if we are not able to solve the cause of your acne, we can help you make it more manageable and keep it from affecting your everyday life. We offer a number of treatment options for acne of all types and severities.

The most common treatments for acne are topical prescription treatments. These topical solutions are able to give you relief from acne, especially with daily use. There are also some oral medications that might be prescribed, especially if we detect signs of infection in the pimples.

Another great treatment for chronic acne is UVB light therapy. UVB light therapy reduces inflammation in the skin. When used as a treatment for acne, it targets the inflammation that caused the zit, reducing it in size almost instantly. This can be a great option if you need to clear your skin quickly.

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