Facial Treatments and Extractions

Facial treatments are designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin through the use of extraction, exfoliation, steam, peels, and masks, among other products and techniques. Facial treatments vary in intensity and certain methods are made to target specific skin concerns. Extractions are a popular and widely effective facial treatment used mainly to unclog pores. At Bay Dermatology in Tampa, we’re happy to offer facial treatments and extractions for a range of skin concerns; continue reading to learn more. 

What Are Extractions?

An extraction is a facial treatment that involves unclogging or uncompacting pores. An extraction may be completed in conjunction with another facial treatment, such as a face mask. In this case, the extraction would be performed first to clear and open the pores, priming them to take in the ingredients of the face mask. 

Extractions may involve a manual technique or a mechanical tool. During a manual extraction, your dermatologist will unclog pores using their fingers wrapped in a sterile material like cotton or gauze. A mechanical extraction uses a pore extractor, a steel tool with a loop at the tip to draw sebum and dead skin out of the pores. 

What Are The Benefits of Extractions?

Extractions can benefit the health and look of your skin in a few key ways:

  • Safely remove blackheads, pimples, and pustules from the skin
  • Clear out clogged pores before they develop into acne
  • Achieve an even, smooth complexion
  • Reduce your chances for future breakouts

What to Expect From An Extraction

The first step of an extraction, which is an in-office procedure, is to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Your dermatologist will then steam the skin to soften it and encourage pores to open. At this point, a gentle facial massage may be done to release the pores for extraction. A tool called a skin scrubber may also be used to further open the pores. 

Under bright light and a magnifier, the extraction will then be completed manually or with a pore extractor. Not all pores may be ready for extraction and some may have to remain until another extraction at a later date. 

Once the extraction is complete, an antiseptic solution will be applied to kill any bacteria released from the pores that could cause breakouts. A mask or cream may then be applied to reduce redness. 

Extractions are one of multiple facial treatments offered at Bay Dermatology in Tampa to improve the health of your skin. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn about the best facial treatment for your needs.