Common Uses for Cryosurgery in Dermatology

Cryosurgery can sound like a scary word, but it really isn’t surgery at all. This dermatological service uses cryolysis technology to remove certain skin lesions of varying types and sizes. By freezing the offending feature, the cells are killed off; and eventually the mole or other object simply falls away, and the small area heals. Here are the most common uses for this freezing technology.

Cosmetic uses for cryosurgery

Sometimes cryosurgery is only done because someone doesn’t like a feature. Usually this is going to refer to a mole, wart, or skin tag being removed for cosmetic reasons. You can also have acne and raised acne scars removed this way. Of course, there are medical and quality of life concerns with these removals as well; but when the procedure is done for purely cosmetic reasons, it makes a difference in charges and insurance coverage.

Skin cancer treated with cryosurgery

An unusual mole, skin lesion, or scaly patch can be scary. While these things can be caused by frequent, long-term sun exposure, they don’t necessarily mean cancer. Often benign growths are removed with cryosurgery, that once processed in the lab turn out to be nothing more than an annoyance that is now eliminated. However, sometimes skin cancer can be removed with cryosurgery, and you can also get seborrheic keratosis (noncancerous skin growth), actinic keratosis (precancerous growth), or cancerous growths. As a general rule, any lesion removed by your doctor using cryolysis is going to be tested to ensure it is benign and not a sign of cancer.

Do you have a mole or skin lesion in an area that is bothering you? Sometimes, these things can interfere with how your clothes fit and how comfortable you are in certain areas. If you need help addressing such, contact us today for an appointment.

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